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Services We Offer

Anatomy of Shoes


From adding protective soles to your shoes to fixing half or full soles, we can do it. From work boots to cowboy boots to fancy heels, even dance shoes, we can do it all. We have a wide selection of styles including waterproof and non-slip soles, and and many colors, including Louis Vuitton Mirror Red, and can do pretty much anything you need.


Whether you need to change the color of your shoes, boots, or handbag, we are skilled at dying all kinds of leather and fabric items. We can change colors, restore items to their original color, and help you with single or multiple color projects.

Orthopedic Adjustments

If you have pain due to a leg or hip injury. One leg shorter than the other. We can add a lift to the bottom of the shoe to realign your back & hips. Or Add a removable insert to the inside to allow switching from one shoe to another.


Need boot calves taken in for those skinny legs? Extended for more room? Tops of boots to tall? Let’s make adjustments for a better fit! Feet & bunions hurt? We can stretch shoes up to half a size. For those high arches & think ankles we can add elestic or velcro extenions for a better fit & comfort. You have a problem? Get in touch and we will get our elves on it!


Heels getting worn, or need to be lifted or lowered for more comfort? Need to repair damage on heel bases? We can do it all.

Cleaning and Shines

From shampooing to refreshing the color of your boots, shoes, and bags, we can do it . Wether it is for a special occasion or keeping up with daily ware, we can help you.

Rips & Repairs

Lost some weight (yea you!) and need to shorten a leather belt? A favorite belt worn and need to get stiched back together? Or do you have a bag or briefcase that needs new leather straps or handles? A leather item that got ripped and needs to be repaired? Let us know what you need.

Leather Garments

For all those leather items you love…whether they need patches added, zippers repaired, or just a face lift. We love biker gear and helping you with club patches. Our elves love leather. Let us know what you need.

Our Work

Here are some examples of our work. Highly trained cobblers and our team of elves love to work on everything from shoes to bags, small luggage to backpacks, even tents and baseball mitts. Call or email with your favorite item that needs some love. 

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Our Elves Are Waiting for You.

Send us a message and let us know what you need our elves to do for you. Please send us photos if you are looking for repairs…and our elves will get back to you in no time letting you know how they can help you.